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Note: With the exception of the G-Switch and Freeway Fury series, the Adobe Flash Player plugin needs to be installed and enabled in order to play these games.

G-Switch 3

Lightning-fast gravity running. Up to 8 players on one keyboard!

Freeway Fury 3

Drive, jump, steal vehicles and cause mayhem on the freeway like never before.

Hyper Tunnel

Speed through the Hyper Tunnel at Hyper Speed!

G-Switch 2

G-Switch returns with new levels that are more twisted than ever.


Enemy hell shooter with pixels galore.


The fate of the Universe is in the hands of a faulty robot.

Key Krusher

Test your typing skills to the limit.

Freeway Fury 2

The first sequel to the car-jumping driving game.


Short but sweet kitty brawler made for Ludum Dare 20.

Freeway Fury

The original Freeway Fury game. Release your fury!


The original gravity switching platformer.

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